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Children Resources 2-7-21

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Welcome to MCCC Kids Online! You can access all of the awesome material that you’d find at church right here! Here’s how you can enjoy these church videos and use the content provided as a family:

  1. Watch the video together.
    Included are worship songs, animated Bible stories, teachings, and explanations of the Bible story.
  2. Discuss the Talk It Over Questions.
    Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.
  3. Download more tools, resources, and activities to go along with the video.
    Included are coloring pages, craft or activity sheets, games, additional questions and ideas to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child.
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Talk It Over

Hey parents! Use these questions as a guide to talk over this week’s Bible story called Jesus Prays with your child after they’ve watched this week’s Church at Home early childhood video. Remember that we can pray for ourselves and others!

  1. What was your favorite part of the video we just watched?
  2. What is prayer?
    TPrayer is talking with God.
  3. Who prayed in today’s Bible story?
  4. Who did Jesus teach us we should pray for?
    Myself and others. That means we should pray for everyone – me, you, family, friends, people at school, people all over the world, people you know and people you don’t know, and so many more.
  5. Why should we pray for other people?
    Because God loves everyone and cares about everyone.
  6. What kinds of things should we pray about for people?
    Anything you think about you can pray about. For example, you can pray for people to be safe and healthy, to have good days, to have the things they need, for owies to get better, that people make new and good friends, and to know God loves them.

Model prayer with your child by praying to God with them! Before you pray, have your child share one person they would like to pray for (they can even choose themselves) and how they would like to pray for that person. You might pray something like this: Dear God, thank you for loving us and caring about us. We want to pray like Jesus did and pray for people so they can know that you love them, and we love them. (You or your child can tell God what you discussed before.) We love you. Amen.

Parent Devotional - Jesus Prays

Hey parents! We have something just for you. We encourage you to read over this devotional sometime this week as a way to reflect on the Bible story your child saw from Church at Home. We love you!


Early Childhood Craft – Prayer Box

Have fun making a personal prayer box to help your child remember they can pray like Jesus when they pray for themselves and others!


Early Childhood Activity Sheets – Prayer Week 4

Each week we have activity pages for your child to remember the week’s lesson. They include new coloring pages and activity sheets for your child to enjoy!





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