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Facility Request

To effectively carry out our mission, Mill City Christian Church (MCCC) is pleased to offer its facilities to members and ministries of the church. The Elders hold the authority to grant permission for groups to utilize these spaces. By submitting a request to use the church facilities, you acknowledge and accept that the church holds the final decision-making power in granting access.

    • To schedule an activity at the Church, please complete the “Church Facility Reservation Request” and “Mill City Christian Church Terms and Conditions Agreement Form” then await approval. Once approved, your event will be added to the Church Calendar.
    • If an event needs to be canceled, kindly inform the elders as soon as possible.
    • To request a key, please contact the pastor or elders, who will assess if one can be provided.
    • Individuals or groups are limited to the specific areas of the facility they have reserved.
    • All church equipment, including tables and chairs, must be returned to their original position unless agreed otherwise before the event.
    • Upon departure, please turn off all lights, heaters, and AC units and ensure all doors are locked.
    • The use of church facilities must be coordinated through the Elders.
    • Please note that the remainder of this policy outlines the qualifications for those permitted to use the church facility and outlines the rules for use. Additional details may be requested from any user beyond what is mentioned in this policy.


The use of our church facilities follows a strict order of priority to ensure that the needs of our church community are met first. Our priority list is as follows:
    1. Church meetings, events, activities, and ministries will always hold top priority and are scheduled at no cost.
    2. Groups that have been invited as guests of MCCC will be given priority scheduling.
    3. MCCC members may reserve the facilities through our approval process.
    4. Outside non-ministry groups or individuals will be considered for use.

Please note that any previously granted approvals may be revoked if a church ministry use is requested at the same time or if there is a request from a group or organization with a higher priority on the list. The Elders will make the decision to revoke any previously approved use.

Additionally, the following groups or individuals may not use our church facilities:
    1. Any group or individual whose activities or positions conflict with the mission, doctrine, and core values of MCCC, as determined by the church in its sole discretion. The decision shall be made by the senior pastor or Elders and will be final and conclusive. Any applicant to use our facilities must agree that this decision is purely an ecclesiastical matter involving interpretation of church doctrine.
    2. Any group or individual whose use may be prejudicial to the best interests of the church, as determined by the pastor or Elders in their sole discretion.
    3. Any group or individual who cannot provide adequate adult supervision, as determined by the pastor or Elders in their sole discretion.


    1. To request the use of church facilities, groups or individuals must complete the “Church Facility Reservation Request” online and “Mill City Christian Church Terms and Conditions Agreement Form” which will be emailed after the request has been received.
    2. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the event date. As a general rule, facilities cannot be reserved more than 60 days in advance, except for weddings and outside ministry events.
    3. MCCC ministry events hold priority over all other requests for facility use.
    4. Requests for facility use are subject to approval by the pastor and elders.


    1. The User assumes full responsibility for the upkeep and care of all buildings, grounds, fields, and equipment used by their participants, vendors, or attendees in connection with the church’s facilities. In the event of any damages caused during the user’s use of the facilities, the user will be held liable for any repair or replacement costs.
    2. The User is prohibited from making any temporary or permanent modifications to the church property without prior approval from the elders.
    3. The User agrees to comply with all county, state, and federal laws, as well as all church policies, rules, and practices when using the church facilities. This includes adhering to fire codes and other safety regulations.
    4. The User is responsible for providing appropriate safety instructions to all participants, vendors, or attendees at their event. Examples of these instructions may include emergency evacuation procedures, first aid protocols, and other safety measures.
    5. A responsible adult must be present at all times when the facilities are in use by the User’s group. This adult is responsible for ensuring that all participants, vendors, or attendees behave in accordance with the highest Christian standards and that all safety protocols are followed.
    6. Adult supervision is mandatory for all minor children on the premises. The User is responsible for ensuring that all minors are properly supervised and that their behavior is in accordance with Christian values and safety protocols.
    7. All participants must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest Christian standards. This includes speech, dress, and behavior that positively influences others for Jesus Christ. Any behavior that is discriminatory or hateful towards any individuals or groups will not be tolerated.
    8. Any music or prerecorded content used during events must be consistent with the church’s doctrine and standards.
    9. Tobacco, weapons, alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, pets, or anything else that may compromise the Christian atmosphere or safety of the property are strictly prohibited on the premises, except for those who are authorized to carry firearms (Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry Permits).
    10. The User is responsible for leaving the church property and facilities thoroughly clean after use. This includes removing all decorations, equipment, and other materials brought onto the premises by the user. Failure to meet these cleaning standards may result in the user being charged for any cleaning costs incurred by the church.
    11. The User must remove all materials from the premises within 2 hours after the event concludes, unless other arrangements have been approved by the elders. Any items left on the premises more than 10 days after an event is concluded will be considered abandoned and may become church property or disposed of as the church alone determines. The church is not responsible for any lost or stolen items left on the premises after the event concludes.
    12. Prior to reserving church facilities, all individuals and groups must complete and sign the “Church Facility Reservation Request.” Once this form has been received and the date is checked for availability, the user will receive an “Agreement Form” that must be signed before the elders will approve the event. The user is responsible for any fees or penalties associated with cancellation of the reservation.


    1. Smoking, vaping, and all other tobacco product use are strictly prohibited on the church campus. 
    2. The use and possession of illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on the church campus.
    3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the church campus. 
    4. The user is responsible for ensuring that their use of the facility is orderly and in compliance with all applicable laws.
    5. The church reserves the right to manage and control the facility, including enforcing necessary rules to ensure its proper operation. The church, its employees, members, and agents have the right to access all spaces occupied by the user.
    6. The use of abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drug or alcohol abuse is strictly prohibited on the church premises. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be required to leave the premises.


    1. To ensure proper use and optimal performance, any use of audio-visual equipment in any of the church’s environments requires the assistance of a member of the church’s Media Team.
    2. The use of DVD and televisions in classrooms is permitted without the need for a member of the Media Team.
    3. Users are responsible for providing their own linens, utensils, glasses, and dishes for any events or gatherings held on the church premises.
    4. To maintain the integrity and functionality of the church’s furniture and equipment, no items may be loaned or removed from the building without prior approval from the church administration.
    5. While users may arrange tables and chairs to fit their needs, items should not be moved without clearance from the church elders to avoid damage or disruption of the church’s property.