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International Missions

Abigails Tixtla Guerrero Mission Newsletter (Two)

890 667 Paul Luna

Abigail Luna shares a touching update from Guerrero, where the church mission reached a small town speaking Spanish Nawhata. The team joyfully distributed gifts to over 200 children and provided care bags to mothers, leaving a lasting impression. The success of their weekly soul-winning efforts brought salvation to a teenager and a young boy, embodying the spirit of Matthew 28:18-20 and the impact of heartfelt outreach and connection.

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MEXICO MISSION: November – December 2023

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The Ruiz family shares their experiences of providing hurricane relief in Acapulco, including distributing meals and essentials, and engaging in gospel outreach. They recount witnessing to groups, teaching at a conference, and following God’s call to serve impacted communities. The update also covers their ministry in a small town outside Acapulco, where many embraced salvation. The family reflects on the growth of their mission, the support they received, and the joy of having their children home for the holidays, culminating in festive services with numerous visitors and new believers.

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Abigail’s Mission Trip Newsletter 13-23rd of December

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Hello Mill City Christina Church! Being here is truly a blessing, and the journey has already put me through trials that tested my trust in our Savior. Initially missing our flight due to the LA riots, my cousins and I found an unexpected way out through Tijuana, graciously provided by the Lord.  Exploring the mountains…

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hurricane otis

Mexico Mission: September – October 2023 – Hurricane Otis

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The Ruiz family recounts the drastic change Hurricane Otis brought to Acapulco. Uncover their immediate response, the extensive damage endured by the community, and their ongoing efforts to provide aid. Delve into the broader impact on Acapulco’s populace, the enduring spirit of the mission amid adversity, and how faith is guiding them through this testing time. Through recollections and a call to action, understand the dire need for support, prayers, and the hope for recovery that fuels their continued service.

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Mill City Church Acapulco's Hurricane Otis Aftermath

Standing with Acapulco’s Afflicted in Hurricane Otis Aftermath

1024 427 Paul Luna

Delve into the harrowing experiences shared by our missionaries in Acapulco, Mexico, amidst the ravaging Hurricane Otis. Through conversations with Laura Ruiz, a missionary on the ground, uncover the extent of destruction, the resilience of the community, and the pressing needs for basic essentials like food, water, and shelter. This narrative also sheds light on how our prayers and support can be a beacon of hope for the affected families as they navigate through the aftermath of this natural calamity. Join us in extending your prayers to our missionaries and the community they serve.

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Lyons church

Mexico Mission: July – August 2023

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In this heartfelt update, Laura Ruiz shares the family’s experiences from July and August 2023. From the joys of a successful Vacation Bible School in Tixtla to a memorable trip to the United States, the Ruiz family has been blessed in numerous ways. Dive into their journey of faith, family, and ministry as they continue to serve the Lord in Mexico.

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Mexico Mission: May – June 2023

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Join the Ruiz Family in their heartwarming update from Tixtla de Guerrero, Mexico, as they share stories of faith, love, and service. From a fulfilling ladies’ conference to a brave journey to aid a remote church, their dedication to the Lord’s work is inspiring. Discover how they’ve overcome challenges with patience and reliance on God’s plan, including health scares and the anticipation of travel. Learn about their exciting progress in constructing a new church building and their ambitious goals for Vacation Bible School this summer. Your prayers and support mean the world to Laura, Efrain, and their beautiful family as they continue to serve and spread the love of Christ.

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A Message from Abigail Luna: Recently, I have been blessed with a fantastic opportunity to embark on a mission trip to Mexico through Mill City Christian Church. God has placed a strong calling in my heart, and I have decided to follow His will during my Christmas break this year. I will be staying with…

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Three Reasons to Support the Nahuatl People

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This video is about the missions ministry in Acapulco Mexico and to the Nahuatl Communities in the Mountains. Deep in the heart of the Mexican mountains, an extraordinary spiritual transformation is taking place. The Nahuatl people, untouched by the Gospel until 2020, have begun their faith journey. This weekend, we invite you to participate in…

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Mexico Mission: March – April 2023

739 954 Paul Luna

The Ruiz Family Serving the Lord in Tixtla de Guerrero, Mexico March April 2023 Update  Dear Praying Friends, I can hardly believe that two months just flew by! God has continued to show His faithfulness to us and pour out His blessings upon us. At the beginning of March, our family went to visit a…

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