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Abigail’s Mission Trip Newsletter 13-23rd of December

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Hello Mill City Christina Church!

Being here is truly a blessing, and the journey has already put me through trials that tested my trust in our Savior. Initially missing our flight due to the LA riots, my cousins and I found an unexpected way out through Tijuana, graciously provided by the Lord. 

Exploring the mountains of San Isidro, my Tío Efra’s hometown was a humbling experience. The rustic townhomes crafted from mud and cement spoke volumes about the community’s resilience. The local Spanish dialect added a layer of fascination as we strived to communicate with the residents.

During our time there, we shared the gospel with around 100 children and 20 adults, bringing joy with simple gifts like balls and miniature airplanes. Returning to Tixtla on the 22nd, we continued our mission, leading to the touching salvation of two young souls today.

The church is bustling with activity, engaging teens in events while diligently teaching young adults the importance of spreading the gospel. As we anticipate Sunday, a significant day for the church, I’m filled with anticipation for the impact we can make in the lives of many.

May God Bless you!

Abigail Luna

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