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Our Core Values

At Mill City Christian Church, our Core Values are the pillars that uphold our mission and vision. Rooted in Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Prayer, and Service, these values are the compass that guides our community in fulfilling our divine purpose. Whether you’re new to the faith or a long-time believer, discover how our Core Values can enrich your spiritual journey and empower you to serve with purpose.

Mill City Christian Church

Our Mission: 

Lead people to the Father, Disciple people in Christ, Serve with the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision:

A community of believers who enthusiastically worship God by sharing the gospel to our community, committing to personal discipleship, and serving others.

Our Core Values:

Mill City Christian Church has a set of core values that shape our culture. Each core value is interconnected to one another and every major decision we make as a church is filtered through our mission, our vision, and these five core values…

  • Worship

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

  • Prayer

  • Serve

Our Purpose:

Every Church has 5 primary purposes: love God, fellowship with other believers, grow through discipleship, serve one another and share God’s grace.

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