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Our Core Values

Our Mission: 

Lead people to the Father, Disciple them in Christ, Send them out with the Holy Spirit.

We are currently accomplishing this goal through these initiatives:

  • To Have Age-focused ministries to Children, Youth, High School Students, and Adults
  • To Have Community “reach”; Outward Assessment & Changes; Inward Atmosphere & Targeted Service
  • To Have A Replacement Facility that provides access (ADA-compliant), meets anticipated growth & better supports our focused ministries
  • To Have Intentionally Designed Sunday Service; Optimize time & content delivery

Our Vision:

A community of energetic & caring Believers who gather to grow in God’s word, and enthusiastically share with the world.

Our Core Values:

Mill City Christian Church has a set of four core values that shape our culture. Each core value is interconnected to one another and every major decision we make as a church is filtered through our mission, our vision, and these four core values…

Our Purpose:

Every Church has 5 primary purposes: love God, fellowship with other believers, grow through discipleship, serve one another and share God’s grace.