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Our Pastor

Paul Luna – Senior Pastor

Since 2002 I have been committed to focusing on pastoral ministry leadership, reaching non-Christians, counseling and strengthening families.

In heaven, we will see many wonderful things, but we will never see another non-Christian. Never again will we have the opportunity to share the redemptive story that brings eternal life with those who do not know Christ. Now is the only chance we have to tell others.

That is why I believe we need to lead people to Jesus, teach them to worship the Lord, develop them to Christ-like maturity, equip them for ministry, and send them into the world on mission with the Holy Spirit. Are you ready to partner together!

Pastor Paul has held positions as a associate pastor, children’s pastor, family pastor, youth pastor and senior pastor. He has been involved in the Christian Youth Film Society as a board member, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth for Christ, Young Life, and Wyld Life.

Paul is married to Kimberly and they have four children. He has been serving in ministry since 2002 working with all ages from infants to adults. He has found, in these experiences, his greatest passion is to be serving people of all ages. Working with the church is a joy four Paul, because it gives him the opportunity to combine his creative and communication skills with his passion for helping individuals grow closer to Jesus and closer to each other.

Paul has a BA in Christian ministries for the Masters University, a Masters in theology with an emphasis in leadership from Summit Bible College, training in peacemakers ministry and in grief, crisis and trauma counseling. He’s also trained in cultural outreach through Church Planting Strategy by the North American Mission Board.

Paul loves playing with his kids and date night with his wife. He also likes making videos with his family, painting, reading, smoking meat, fishing, hang out with friends, and technology. You can watch more about Paul and his family at PaulLuna.com.