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Mexico Mission: September – October 2023 – Hurricane Otis

1024 593 Paul Luna

The Ruiz family recounts the drastic change Hurricane Otis brought to Acapulco. Uncover their immediate response, the extensive damage endured by the community, and their ongoing efforts to provide aid. Delve into the broader impact on Acapulco’s populace, the enduring spirit of the mission amid adversity, and how faith is guiding them through this testing time. Through recollections and a call to action, understand the dire need for support, prayers, and the hope for recovery that fuels their continued service.

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Mill City Church Acapulco's Hurricane Otis Aftermath

Standing with Acapulco’s Afflicted in Hurricane Otis Aftermath

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Delve into the harrowing experiences shared by our missionaries in Acapulco, Mexico, amidst the ravaging Hurricane Otis. Through conversations with Laura Ruiz, a missionary on the ground, uncover the extent of destruction, the resilience of the community, and the pressing needs for basic essentials like food, water, and shelter. This narrative also sheds light on how our prayers and support can be a beacon of hope for the affected families as they navigate through the aftermath of this natural calamity. Join us in extending your prayers to our missionaries and the community they serve.

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