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Gates Church

Chaos to Christ – Hope Amidst Conflict

1024 585 Paul Luna

In the early hours of a ghastly dawn, the sudden war outbreak in Israel and Gaza, between Hamas and Israel, has left the world in shock. Amidst the chaos and despair, solace is found in God’s unyielding promises. Unpack the complexities of the conflict, reassess our understanding of God’s sovereign plan, and encourage believers to manifest Christ’s peace and righteousness.

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Mill City Churches

Awaken Your Faith

1024 689 Paul Luna

Efrain Ruiz calls us to embrace contentment, cultivate love, and rise to the challenge of spreading the gospel. Lets follow this heartfelt guide to living joyfully, loving generously, and taking tangible actions in our daily walk with Christ. Join us in this journey of faith and let’s go do something for the Lord!

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