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The Next Step: Moving to Two Services

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Get ready for a transformative shift at Mill City Christian Church! Our community is growing, and we’re doubling the blessings with TWO Sunday services. Dive into why this change is a game-changer for your spiritual journey and our church family. From personal growth to community impact, find out how we’re stepping up, stepping out, and stepping into God’s greater plan. Mark your calendars for September 17; it’s a Sunday you won’t want to miss!

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The Call to a Revolutionized Life: Christ’s Authority

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Jesus the Umpire: Just as a call from an umpire can define a baseball game, Christ’s unique authority defines our spiritual path. But what does that really mean? What if following Christ was more than just obeying rules, more than a rigid game plan? Dive into a profound relationship with Him, filled with grace, love, and real transformation. Discover how the lessons of Christ go beyond the conventional playbook and invite us into a new way of living. Ready to take the first step towards Kingdom Living?

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