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The Next Step: Moving to Two Services

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Why This Weekend is a Milestone for Our Church Community

I’m genuinely encouraged by what’s happening at Mill City Christian Church. God is at work, and it’s evident in the way our Sunday gatherings have been growing. As we look forward to the next chapter, I want to share some thoughts on why I’m optimistic about our move to two services starting this weekend. In this blog, we’ll explore the growth of our Sunday gatherings, the benefits of having two services, and how we can face the challenges ahead.

My Personal Journey with Multiple Services

While growing up, my church transitioned to multiple services, and it was a game-changer for me. I attended the first service with my family and friends, and it was a time of spiritual nourishment. But the second service, where I volunteered with the youth ministry, is where I truly began to grow spiritually. Serving others challenged me to grow in my faith and allowed me to see something that made a real impact. I went from being a fan of Jesus to being a genuine follower of Jesus, and I believe it can do the same for you.

Why Sundays at Mill City Stand Out

Our Sunday gatherings are more than a routine; they’re a growing community experience. We’re not just filling seats; we’re filling souls. Your contributions have made our services not just welcoming, but spiritually enriching. The goal? To honor Jesus in every song sung, every word spoken, and every hand shaken. Keep bringing your friends and family; this is something they won’t want to miss.

We’re not just filling seats; we’re filling souls.

Double the Blessings: The Benefits of Two Services

The move to two services is a significant one, and it’s going to be beneficial for everyone involved. Serve one, worship one—balance your faith in action and reflection. It’s a balanced approach that allows for both giving and receiving. Moreover, two services mean we can welcome more people into our community. It provides more opportunities for people to attend a service that fits their schedule. So, keep praying and inviting others as we make this transition.

Serve one, worship one—balance your faith in action and reflection.

Navigating the Challenges Ahead

Adding a second service is not without its logistical and emotional challenges. There’s always the concern about maintaining momentum and ensuring we have enough volunteers. But each challenge is an opportunity for growth and for God to work in new ways. Faith steps aren’t easy steps, but they’re the steps that lead to growth. This move is a statement of trust. We trust God to fill the seats, to provide the volunteers, and to maintain the spiritual energy we’ve been experiencing.

Faith steps aren’t easy steps, but they’re the steps that lead to growth.

Seven Additional Reasons to Embrace the Change

  1. “Attend 1, Serve 1” Opportunity: This new format will likely encourage more people to volunteer, knowing they won’t miss the main service.
  2. Empowering More People: The need for more volunteers allows more people to step up and serve.
  3. Systems Over Personalities: A second service requires us to think more systematically, making our church operations more resilient.
  4. Progress Over Convenience: Growth requires sacrifice, and this change will help us identify those who are genuinely committed to our mission.
  5. Breaking the “Small Church” Mindset: As we grow, the need for small groups becomes more apparent, helping us focus on more profound connections.
  6. Options for Attendance: Multiple services offer more choices for people, accommodating a variety of schedules.
  7. Perception of Growth: Adding a service sends a positive message to our community about the vitality of our church [1].

I look forward to seeing how God will use this new chapter to further His kingdom through our community. Let’s embrace this change as a congregation, mark your calendars for this Sunday, September 17, and take this opportunity to grow both personally and collectively. It’s an important day for our church, and I look forward to seeing you there. Therefore, let’s not just mark our calendars for September 17; let’s mark it as the day we stepped up, stepped out, and stepped into God’s greater plan for Mill City Christian Church.


  1. 7 Reasons Why Your Church Should Add A 2nd Service




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