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Praying Big and Proclaiming Boldly

1024 573 Paul Luna

Looking to reignite your passion for prayer and evangelism? Dive into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining a strong prayer life, inspired by Alistair Begg’s book “Pray Big.” We also explore how prayer and evangelism go hand-in-hand in fulfilling God’s grand plan for humanity. Don’t miss out on this enlightening read!

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Proclaim 101: Becoming a Gospel Messenger – October 1st

1024 415 Paul Luna

Are you looking to grow in your faith and relationship with God? Jump into the transformative power of sharing the gospel. We tackle common myths and give you compelling reasons to step up and share your faith. Plus, mark your calendars for our special evangelism training course on October 1st at Mill City Christian Church. This is your chance to equip yourself for an eternally significant task. Read on to find out more!”

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Mexico Mission: May – June 2023

1024 768 Paul Luna

Join the Ruiz Family in their heartwarming update from Tixtla de Guerrero, Mexico, as they share stories of faith, love, and service. From a fulfilling ladies’ conference to a brave journey to aid a remote church, their dedication to the Lord’s work is inspiring. Discover how they’ve overcome challenges with patience and reliance on God’s plan, including health scares and the anticipation of travel. Learn about their exciting progress in constructing a new church building and their ambitious goals for Vacation Bible School this summer. Your prayers and support mean the world to Laura, Efrain, and their beautiful family as they continue to serve and spread the love of Christ.

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Mill City Church

The Power of Vision: Inspired by the Spirit

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Join us on a divine journey at Mill City Christian Church. Inspired by the Spirit, we aim to become a dynamic church and supportive community. Discover our short-term and long-term goals as we strive for spiritual growth, community involvement, and the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus.

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