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Three Reasons to Support the Nahuatl People

1024 576 Paul Luna

This video is about the missions ministry in Acapulco Mexico and to the Nahuatl Communities in the Mountains. Deep in the heart of the Mexican mountains, an extraordinary spiritual transformation is taking place. The Nahuatl people, untouched by the Gospel until 2020, have begun their faith journey. This weekend, we invite you to participate in…

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Generosity as a Lifestyle

1024 614 Paul Luna

Generosity is not a single act; it’s a lifestyle that transforms hearts and echoes eternity. Many young baseball fans dream about the ultimate prize of attending a professional game—catching a foul ball. At a 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks game, twelve-year-old Ian did just that, but then to the amazement of everyone in the stands, he gave…

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Generosity in Action

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The smallest act of love can ignite the greatest fire of hope; never underestimate the impact of your generosity. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been diving deep into generosity and service, exploring what it means to have a generous heart and be generous with our words. As we continue, it’s essential to…

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Encouragement is a Commandment

1024 545 Paul Luna

The least costly thing we can be generous with is encouragement, yet it affects the most remarkable change. When most people think of generosity, their first thought revolves around giving money or things. The calling is not limited to loving others more than objects. Let’s explore one man who was known for his generous words.…

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Transforming Lives in Tixtla de Guerrero

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“Generosity of the heart is the root of generosity in all its forms.” We want to focus on this big idea today as we discuss giving to the missions ministry in Tixtla de Guerrero, Mexico. Generosity is not just about giving; it’s about wanting to give. “Cheerful giving” is commanded in 2 Corinthians 9:7, indicating…

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