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We’re Building A New Building!

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Mill City Christian Church has been an incredible story of people putting their faith in God and watching Him move through them for the past century. In July 1926 Evangelist Teddu Leavitt led a small group of Christ-followers to form a church body called Mill City Church of Christ, now known as Mill City Christian Church.  Over the next year, this group raised money, purchased land, used horses with a slip and manpower to dig out the church’s basement, and held its first service on Easter Sunday 1927.  Still far from being done, the church body spent the next three years, giving financially and physically to the building of the church. In 1930 the main construction portion of the church was complete, but God was not done with His followers. Over the course of the next few decades, the grounds were landscaped, the walls were plastered and painted, the building was remolded and in 1978 an education building was erected.

Through the faith of previous generations, we learn a valuable lesson in the faith Journey.  The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that God has a God-sized vision for his Church, and He wants to use his people to demonstrate His power to a very lost world.  Now we embark on a new part of the journey as we step out in faith once more.

In 2018, Mill City Christian Church sold its property at 233 SW 3rd Avenue, to the Santiam Canyon School District.  God is calling us, once again, to raise money to build on our new church property on the corner of Kingwood and SW 4th Avenue.  Again, what may seem impossible is not only possible with God, but is the next faith step in following God’s mission.


Paul Luna

Paul Luna is a pastor, husband & father of four in Oregon. He's passionate about faith, family, & community, he enjoys painting, hiking, & tech.

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