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Church member fire update

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These are the church members/attenders that have contacted Pastor Paul. I’ll list the family name, and then their last known location. If it says unknown, it just simply means they have contacted me and I don’t know exactly where they are. It does NOT mean anything is wrong with them.

Luna’s, Albany

Corey’s, Albany

Smith’s, Albany

Kesselring, woodburn

Ballards, unknown

Mala, Aumsville

Jones, Salem

Johnson’s, Salem

Wiley, Coast?

Traver, Salem

Stafford, Vancouver

Mumey, Stayton

Bond, Stayton

Olivera, Salem

Golden, Salem

White, Stayton

Cole, unknown

Fadenretcht, Salem

Vafiades, Cloverdale and then

Thurston, Stayton

Sigstad, Aumsville

James, unknown

Blankey, Unknown

Allison, unknown

Browne, Florence

Larson, Salem

Lyness, unknown

Mills, unknown

Nichols, Salem

Plotts, unknown

Sanders, unknown

Brooks, Monmouth

Krokoski, unknown

Bermen, unknown



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