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Opening the Building

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This Sunday the church facility will be open with Two Sunday Morning Worship Services (9:00AM and 10:15AM) and we will be live streaming online as well.

  1. While we are excited to be opening the doors to our building, but in order to comply with state regulations, we will be making some changes.  If you would like more information on  what changes we are making, please read the "Elder's Letter" at: https://millcitycc.com/reopening-the-building/

2. Due to limited seating and wanting to make room for visitors, we recognize that we need to utilize and seat reservation system.  This way we know how many people are coming to each service and we will not exceed state regulations.  Reserve your spot at one of the two services here: https://millcitycc.com/save-your-seat/

3. We will still have online services, but the time is changed to 10:30AM!  We encourage those who feel more comfortable being at home to continue to staying home and watching online.  For more information go to: https://millcitycc.com/live/

4. This year, spend Father’s Day enjoying the great outdoors with Dad. Father's Day weekend, starting July 20th, Mill City Christian Church will be hosting a free community-wide geocache treasure hunt. For more information, go to: https://millcitycc.com/fathersday/



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