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Christian Civil Disobedience

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What does God say about Christian Churches disobeying the law? Here is a quick summary, "Some Thoughts on Christian Civil Disobedience" by Kyle Borg.

"The current pandemic of COVID-19 has forced many Christians out of their armchairs to consider the real-life implications of how to be a Christian and a citizen... In the midst of this pandemic many Christians are wondering if we're living in such a time that may require us to be faithful to God at the expense of obeying the law - we're living in a time where Christians are examining the subject of civil disobedience...

...This took a dramatic turn when the Governor issued an executive order that prohibited religious gatherings... In less than a week churches went from having no restrictions to being complicit in criminal activity if more than ten people were present...Can the government lawfully do this? That’s a massively important question and one we need to be very careful in answering. We need to be careful because if what the government is doing is lawful then to resist them is to resist God...

We’re a nation and states that are governed within the parameters of a constitution. It could be that the restrictions on public gatherings as applied to religious assemblies is unconstitutional... But the unconstitutionality of a law is not the same thing as an unbiblical law... Civil disobedience is not “We must obey the constitution rather than men,” it is “We must obey God rather than men.” As Christians we can submit to laws that are unconstitutional but we cannot submit to laws that are unbiblical.

...We’re not being prohibited from preaching the gospel, reading the Bible, praying together, or singing. We’re not even prohibited from having a public gathering. We are only restricted in how many can be present in our church building.

...Our submission to the government doesn't depend on their political commitments, moral character, or consistency. Rather, we submit to all that isn't contrary to the Bible as the free children of God (see Matthew 17:26)... For the Christian, civil disobedience doesn't arise out of patriotic flag waving while holding the Bill of Rights; it doesn't arise out of anti-government sentiment or political leanings; it doesn't arise because we're inconvenienced by the law or draconian measures; it doesn't arise out of some macho sense of being able to stick it to the man.

For the Christian the only motivation for civil disobedience is a deep biblical conviction that obedience to man would be disobedience to God... If the time comes when Christians in the United States must pick up the cross of civil disobedience it will be heavy, it will be burdensome, and it will be painful.

Some additional thoughts. In Oregon, If a church is able to meet with 25 or less people present, than I support that. They are not breaking any laws and thus are not rebeling against God.

Read the Whole article here: https://gentlereformation.com/…/some-thoughts-on-christian…/


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