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How to End the Cycle of Fighting in Marriage

1024 574 Paul Luna

Like many couples, James and Sophia had expectations of what marriage should look like, but reality proved different. Here are 4 practical steps to turn disagreements into moments of connection in marriage, emphasizing effective communication, empathetic listening, and appreciation of each partner’s needs and contributions for a stronger, more intimate bond.

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Marriage That Thrives, Not Just Survives (Commitment: Part 2)

1024 854 Paul Luna

Ready to elevate your marriage from surviving to thriving? Dive into this comprehensive guide that draws wisdom from age-old love stories and biblical teachings. Uncover the keys to unconditional commitment, emotional intimacy, and a godly marriage. Your journey to an epic love story starts here!

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Building a Thriving Marriage Through Unconditional Commitment (Commitment: Part 1)

1024 732 Paul Luna

Unravel the mystery of unconditional commitment in marriage, guided by the principles of divine love. Explore insights into aligning your relationship with God’s divine plan, embracing imperfections, nurturing trust, and creating a marriage that mirrors God’s love for us. Embark on a journey filled with rewards, challenges, and immeasurable love.

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Unlock a Flourishing Marriage: The Power of Listening (1 of 2)

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Explore how understanding four aspects of communication – facts, self-revelation, relationship, and appeal – can deepen our connections in our marriages.

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