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4 Qualities that God is Looking For

1024 574 Paul Luna

How important is inner character and humility in our daily lives? The value of these qualities, along with trusting God’s will, is explored through biblical stories and principles to guide believers in their daily lives.

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bible church Lyons

Why the Bible Is Essential for Understanding God

1024 616 Paul Luna

An exploration of the Bible’s profound impact in the contemporary world, delving into understanding God’s nature, providing practical guidance for daily life, and offering vital wisdom, comfort, and direction. Learn how to engage with the Bible for personal transformation and gain deep insights into life’s big questions.

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Answer the Call to Lead – Christian Leadership

1024 621 Paul Luna

Embark on an eight-month course focused on godly leadership principles at Mill City Christian Church. Learn valuable skills that extend beyond the walls of the church, influencing your home and broader community.

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mill city prayer church

Who’s On the Other End of Your Prayers?

1024 718 Paul Luna

Unlock the power of purposeful prayer by diving deep into the roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Discover practical tips and biblical wisdom that will transform your conversations with God. Elevate your spiritual journey and find a deeper connection with the Divine. Don’t just pray; pray with purpose.

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Mill City Churches

Awaken Your Faith

1024 689 Paul Luna

Efrain Ruiz calls us to embrace contentment, cultivate love, and rise to the challenge of spreading the gospel. Lets follow this heartfelt guide to living joyfully, loving generously, and taking tangible actions in our daily walk with Christ. Join us in this journey of faith and let’s go do something for the Lord!

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Building a Thriving Marriage Through Unconditional Commitment (Commitment: Part 1)

1024 732 Paul Luna

Unravel the mystery of unconditional commitment in marriage, guided by the principles of divine love. Explore insights into aligning your relationship with God’s divine plan, embracing imperfections, nurturing trust, and creating a marriage that mirrors God’s love for us. Embark on a journey filled with rewards, challenges, and immeasurable love.

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The Call to a Revolutionized Life: Christ’s Authority

1024 683 Paul Luna

Jesus the Umpire: Just as a call from an umpire can define a baseball game, Christ’s unique authority defines our spiritual path. But what does that really mean? What if following Christ was more than just obeying rules, more than a rigid game plan? Dive into a profound relationship with Him, filled with grace, love, and real transformation. Discover how the lessons of Christ go beyond the conventional playbook and invite us into a new way of living. Ready to take the first step towards Kingdom Living?

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Mill City Church

The Power of Vision: Inspired by the Spirit

1024 559 Paul Luna

Join us on a divine journey at Mill City Christian Church. Inspired by the Spirit, we aim to become a dynamic church and supportive community. Discover our short-term and long-term goals as we strive for spiritual growth, community involvement, and the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus.

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